Rain streaked windows and cloudy skies
Remind me of days spent lying in bed
Wrapped in black cotton sheets and your Arms, a tangle of limbs and lips
I never wanted to unravel.

Moonlit snow glows on a cold winter night,
Sparking memories of warm hands Intertwined with mine,
Thawing my frigid fingers and unwittingly, My heart.

People scurry past, the minute bells urgent ring resounding in my mind.
Thoughts of stolen kisses fill my head and I can almost feel your lips against mine once more. Almost.

But the knot we wove with our bodies wasn’t strong enough,
And the hands that once warmed my heart
Fell away, leaving it a melted mess.
Now I rush to class, beating the bells to avoid the sight of her with you,
Stealing kisses that once belonged to me.


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