I am mine (yours)
In the early morning, when the sunlight
And the Earth meet outside my window,
Greeting one another like lazy lovers.
The air in between warming slowly
Until it reaches the same temperature
As I do each time your hand brushes against mine.

I am mine (yours)
In the driver’s seat of my beat up dodge,
With the windows rolled all the way down-
My hair whipping wildly around my face
As I sing along to the song on the radio
And smile, because each word reminds me
Of another thing I love so much about you.

I am mine (yours)
In the comfort of my bedroom,
Laying in time worn pajamas on my mattress,
Imagining your body laying next to mine,
Molding against me the way it always does.
I stare at my familiar red walls and wonder-
At what point did things change?
I am mine (yours)


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