Sweet words laced with indifference fall like acid rain from your lips, each polluted droplet sending shivers of both delight and disgust down my spine; half my heart a hopeless romantic, foolish and naive- the other that of a jilted lover, jaded and untrusting. I am at war with myself.

Your arms surround me, pulling me closer and closer, until there is nothing but thin cotton separating our bodies. The battle within intensifies. Reason retreats, overcome by the heat radiating from your chest, and for a fleeting moment, I allow myself to believe you actually have a heart- silly girl.

Eyes the sweetest shade of brown stare into mine, and I am overcome with the desire to lose myself in their darkest depths. My thoughts swim, the voice of reason in my mind no longer audiable, lost in a sea of sentiment; as am I. In an instant of clarity, memories of moments your perfectly crafted facade fell away fill my mind. Moments your defenses failed you, moments allowing a glimpse into the cold, hollow void within. I break my stare, tearing my eyes from yours and gradually, my head begins to clear. Stones of indifference encase my heart once more, held together by reason; the victorious.


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