Emotions overwhelm me.
Everywhere I look.
Everywhere I go.
I can not see, I can not breathe. 
I only feel. 

Erupting from the deepest
Corners of my heart and soul. 
They attack my thoughts-
Ravaging my mind.
No escape. 
Desperate to end it all.

The pressure rises-
I begin to crack.
Nasty words.
Unfair judgements.
Constant failures. 
I am broken.
Reduced to
A walking shell
Of who I once was. 

No longer am I
The girl who had friends,
Who loved,
And forgave. 
The girl who understood,
Who had fun,
The one who got good grades.

Now I am but a shadow-
A ghost of my former self.
A captive inside
The prison that is my mind. 


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